0.1.9 / 2018-06-02

  • fix(#42): Add string comparison parity for Python 2.7

v0.1.8 / 2018-01-23

  • Merge pull request #39 from dancingcactus/master
  • Removes unused imports
  • Allow partials to be used with raises operators
  • fix(operator): minor type in exception message
  • Merge pull request #38 from dancingcactus/master
  • Updates the docs for Raises to encapsulate feedback from #37
  • Update README.rst
  • refactor(docs): remove codesponsor
  • feat(docs): add sponsor ad
  • feat(docs): update status note
  • feat(docs): update status note
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of https://github.com/grappa-py/grappa
  • fix(docs): use proper organization name
  • Update AUTHORS
  • refactor(docs): import AUTHORS file
  • feat: add AUTHORS file
  • fix(setup.py): update package URL

v0.1.7 / 2017-05-12

  • feat(#33): show available operators on attribute error
  • feat(#36): add allowed assertion attributes on error

v0.1.6 / 2017-04-28

  • fix(type): expose proper type value if a type value is the expected value
  • fix(reporter): use search() instead of match() for line code matching. fix(reporters): escape underscore sequences

v0.1.5 / 2017-04-28

  • feat(reporters): add code reporter
  • feat(operators): add “that_is”, “which_is” attribute DSL operators
  • refactor(reporter): match additional negation assertions

v0.1.4 / 2017-04-27

  • feat(reporters): match attribute expressions for proper code line reporting
  • feat(equal): enable show_diff report in operator
  • fix(index_test): bad file formatting
  • refactor(index_test): add error test case
  • refactor(index_test): remove commented code
  • feat(docs): add context assertion example in tutorial
  • feat(docs): add context manager example
  • fix(docs): update error exception example
  • refactor(docs): update showcase example
  • feat(operators): add not_satisfy attribute operator

v0.1.3 / 2017-03-29

  • feat(docs): add raise exception examples
  • refactor(docs): update showcase example
  • feat(reporter): normalize value output in subject/expect sections
  • feat(docs): update examples and FAQs. feat(operators): add aliases for start/end operator
  • feat(docs): add link to grappa-http plugin
  • refactor(docs): add operators type section
  • refactor(docs): add beta status documentation notice
  • feat(docs): update description
  • refactor(docs): update status description
  • feat(docs): update links

v0.1.2 / 2017-03-26

  • feat(docs): add matchers supported keyword arguments
  • feat(docs): improve descriptions
  • feat(operators): improve length operator for access based chaining
  • fix(docs): update error custom message example
  • feat(docs): improve documentation. adds operators composition section
  • fix(setup.py): add author email

v0.1.1 / 2017-03-23

  • refactor(diff): process expected values as tuple first
  • fix(contain): remove print statements
  • refactor(core): normalize yielding syntax, add missing documentation
  • refactor(core): normalize yielding syntax, add missing documentation
  • feat(#26): support disable operator chaining
  • feat(#28): better assertion reporting. feat(operators): add index operator
  • refactor(reporter): support raw mode with proper indent pretty printing
  • refactor(operators): add satisfy/satisfies attribute operators
  • feat(diff): consume diff specific subject/expected values
  • feat(operators): add is/is_not operator attributes
  • refactor(core): isolate reporters per module
  • feat(#13, #25): add suboperators support and diff output report
  • refactor(docs): update organization name
  • refactor(docs): update project image
  • refactor(reporter): ignore subject/expected output if empty
  • refactor(reporter): show diff if enabled
  • feat(docs): add in a nutshell section
  • feat(#24, #25): feature enhancements
  • feat(docs): add say thanks badge
  • refactor(reporter): load value from operator first
  • fix(docs): use proper badges
  • fix(docs): update type operator examples
  • fix(metadata): update
  • refactor(test): add chained test for keys
  • feat(Makefile): add publish commands

0.1.0 (2017-03-05)

  • First version (beta)